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'The Shale Gale Is a Retirement Party' 4 Verified

01:14 Mar 28, 2013

It all began six years ago when the savvy geologist started to question the economics of shale gas drilling in Texas as well as a manufacturing model...


Egypt Importing Gas for First Time as Exports Disappear 0 Verified

03:18 Dec 11, 2012

Egypt, a natural-gas exporter to markets from China to Chile, is set to become an importer for the first time just as the new government needs energy...



Peak Oil

Fracking: A new dawn for misplaced optimism 1 Verified

01:20 Nov 19, 2012

You would think we were swimming in oil. The International Energy Agency's (IEA) latest World Energy Outlook forecasts that the United States will outstrip...


Nuclear phase-out raises German electric prices 0 Verified

13:40 Nov 11, 2012

The phase-out of German nuclear power is negatively affecting several industries and public electric prices.

Berlin, Germany

100,000 N.Y. Homes, Businesses Face Months Without Power 0 Verified

04:18 Nov 11, 2012

About 100,000 homes and businesses in New York City and Long Island were so damaged by Hurricane Sandy that restoring power to some of them may take months,...

New York City

NYC to Establish Odd-Even License Plate System for Gasoline 0 Verified

21:50 Nov 08, 2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed an emergency order to establish an odd-even license plate system for gasoline and diesel purchases to reduce...

New York City

Sandy’s Blackouts Fall to 1.9 Million, Half in New Jersey 0 Verified

17:48 Nov 04, 2012

Utility crews working around the clock restored power to another 575,000 homes and businesses overnight, with New Jersey making up half of the 1.9 million...

New Jersey

A Slow Return to Normal Skips the Gas Station 0 Verified

04:58 Nov 04, 2012

Tony Kurasz sat in his sport utility vehicle for three hours on Saturday at an Exxon station in Bayonne, N.J.; he was six cars away from the pump when...

New Jersey

California Gas Stations Shut as Oil Refiners Ration Supplies 0 Verified

23:24 Oct 04, 2012

Gasoline station owners in the Los Angeles area including Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST) are beginning to shut pumps as the state’s oil refiners started...


Power breakdown in Punjab industries causes loss of Rs8.3 billion 0 Verified

07:27 Sep 27, 2012

Gas and electricity supplies remained suspended in the province on Wednesday, causing a loss of over Rs8.3 billion to the industries operative in the...


Germany's biofuel crop concerns 0 Verified

22:03 Sep 22, 2012

As food prices around the world continue to rise, environmentalists say the problem is being made worse by the increased amount of farm land being used...


Energy woes: over 40 percent of textile industry has shifted to Bangladesh 4 Verified

05:13 Sep 13, 2012

More than 40 percent of the Pakistani textile industry and around 0.2 million power looms have shifted to Bangladesh in the last five years due to energy...



Peak Oil

The Implications of Saudi Arabia becoming a Net Oil Importer 0 Verified

07:59 Sep 11, 2012

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, wrote last week in The Telegraph, Saudi oil well dries up. He presented the following chart of projected Saudi oil consumption,...

Saudi Arabia


Peak Oil

Saudi oil well dries up 4 Verified

01:58 Sep 11, 2012

If Citigroup is right, Saudi Arabia will cease to be an oil exporter by 2030, far sooner than previously thought. A 150-page report by Heidy Rehman on...

Saudi Arabia

Oil Rises As Isaac Shuts Output; Gasoline Gains On Refinery Fire 0 Verified

04:37 Aug 27, 2012

Oil rose the most in a week and gasoline climbed to the highest level in four months as Tropical Storm Isaac reduced output in the Gulf of Mexico and...

Gulf of Mexico

Fuel shortages in Nigeria as union attacks subsidy halt 0 Verified

03:45 Aug 26, 2012

Nigeria's capital city Abuja suffered severe fuel shortages on Wednesday, as a trade union halted deliveries and threatened to cut supplies to the rest...


Venezuela Imports Oil Despite Having Huge Reserves 0 Verified

01:58 Aug 25, 2012

Despite having the largest oil reserves in the world, Venezuela faces a severe shortage of gasoline, experts said. Former high-ranking employees at Venezuela's...


Continuous blackouts hit Egypt metal industries hard 0 Verified

19:15 Aug 23, 2012

Each time the Egyptian government says the economy will recover soon, as stated amid the visit of the International Monetary Fund to discuss a controversial...


Blackouts estranging Balochistan people 0 Verified

05:06 Aug 23, 2012

All provinces barring Sindh came down hard on the government at a meeting held by the Committee on Equitable Distribution of Electricity formed by the...


Water shortages hit US power supply 5 Verified

12:27 Aug 16, 2012

As the United States' extended heat wave and drought threaten to raise global food prices, energy production is also feeling the pressure. At least four...

United States